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A genius scientist and unlikely ally of the Sangerye family, Doctor Walter Sylvester is a main character in Bitter Root. He is the close friend of the late Miss Knightsdale who initially fights against the Sangerye family before realising the errors of his ways.


Early History[edit]

In a flashback to 1919, it is revealed that Doctor Sylvester lost his wife, Abigail to unknown causes. This causes Doctor Sylvester to doubt his faith and he tells the minister of his church that he must leave Oklahoma to find himself. Things get worse for Doctor Sylvester when, two years later in 1921, he loses his two children during the Tulsa Race Massacre.

On the edge of his grief, Doctor Sylvester is found by Miss Knightsdale in her Inzondo form. He is initially frightened but she quickly turns back human and he becomes fascinated by her. The two leave for Harlem where they work on studying the Inzondo infection taking a hold of Miss Knightsdale.

Researching a cure[edit]

At an unknown point in time, but largely because of the grief of losing his family, Doctor Sylvester becomes infected by the Inzondo. He begins to transform at random moments and tries to find a cure rapidly. He tries to synthesise the Fiif'no Serum but finds this largely futile.

Eventually, he goes directly against the Sangerye family and in a turn of events, Miss Knightsdale is shot and dies moments later. This infuriates Doctor Sylvester and he tries to attack the Sangerye family but his efforts are thwarted by none other than Nora Sangerye.

Adro's arrival[edit]

In his grief at losing now the only person he was close to, Miss Knightsdale, Doctor Sylvester is approached by Adro, who claims to be Miss Knightsdale reincarnated. She tells him that they are going to Georgia where they will find grief and anger to fuel them.

Initially, Doctor Sylvester agrees with Adro's plans, but eventually becomes inquisitive and realises that what he has been doing is wrong and that he can no longer work with Adro. He aids as many people as possible to escape from her grasp and, in a shocking turn of events, asks the Sangerye family for help.

Travelling to Barzakh[edit]

After defecting to aid the Sangerye family, Doctor Sylvester comes face-to-face with Adro and, after the death of Jonnie-Ray Knox, feels it is his duty to return Adro back to Barzakh given his involvement with her trip to Earth. Doctor Sylvester takes the opportunity to push Adro through a gateway when one opens up and is plunged into Barzakh along with her.

Whilst in Barzakh, he encounters Charlie Sangerye — who was left there by Cullen — and the two travel to Adro's castle. Within the castle, they find numerous books and research on the inhabitants of Barzakh before them. They are able to formulate a hypothesis, and Doctor Sylvester sends Charlie home to be with the Sangerye's.

Eventually, Doctor Sylvester finds a way to somewhat battle the Inzondo. He returns to Earth and relays the news to the Sangerye family — they must learn to accept each other and not fight the evils, but embrace them. This method has some success, but the Sangerye's are aided in their efforts to defeat the evils by the Kantoo.


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