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Issue 3 is the third issue of Bitter Root and was published November, 2018. The third issue is included in the first collected edition, Bitter Root: Family Business.

Plot Summary[edit]

In downtown Harlem, scenes are getting heated as the police look out for the person responsible for murdering two of their officers. Whilst a select few of officers know about the Jinoo and their connection with the Sangerye family, most do not. This causes tensions when trying to figure out who is responsible.

Meanwhile, at the Sangerye base, things are too becoming heated as Berg's transformation continues. Cullen, Blink, and Ma Etta try to restrain Berg but find this difficult given his large size and strength.

In Mississippi, Ford has taken Jonnie-Ray Knox under his wing and the two attend the house of a man Jonnie-Ray believes to be a Jinoo. Inside, they find an old, racist man, who transforms and attacks them. This encounter is surreal for Ford, however, and he remarks that this is no mere Jinoo. He explains to Jonnie-Ray that Jinoo are men whose soul has been corrupted by hatred and racism, but this creature, was a devil masquerading as a man. Ford tells Jonnie-Ray the legends of the Guardians, devils who guard the gate to Hell but sometimes travel to Earth — up until now, he has thought them a myth, but he now believes they are real.

Back in his lab, Doctor Sylvester and Miss Knightsdale work on their serum. Doctor Sylvester quickly has an idea, however, and believes that they no longer need to find a cure akin to the Fiif'no Serum, and he suggests that they are the cure. In this idyllic reference to Angels of Retribution, Doctor Sylvester believes that he and Miss Knightsdale will destroy the devils themselves without the help of the Sangerye's.

Getting tired of fighting with him, Ma Etta shoots Berg up with a huge dose of Fiif'no serum, but she finds this futile and believes that the affliction Berg is fighting is well beyond the powers of her root work despite her vast knowledge. Discussions arise from Cullen about bringing in help from another family member, Enoch Sangerye, but Blink is reluctant and rebukes Cullen, citing that he was responsible for the deaths of their parents. Nonetheless, Cullen believes it is the only way that they can save Berg's life.

Cullen crosses the Harlem river to visit his uncle, Enoch, despite Blinks reservations and her reluctance to trust him. When he enters the house, however, he is attacked by numerous little red creatures, that Enoch eventually calls off — he tells Cullen that they are his guard dogs.

Meanwhile back at the Sangerye establishment, Berg manages to escape from Ma Etta and Blink. Worried about Ma Etta given Berg's size and sheer strength, Blink encourages and pleads with her to run, but Ma Etta tells her that she has never backed away from a fight and doesn't plan to start now. With this, she strikes Berg down.


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Other Characters[edit]

  • Unnamed Guardian
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