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    With an affinity for using complex and tremendous vocabulary, Berg Manigo is built like a mountain and a close relative of the Sangerye family.

    Things become difficult for Berg, however, when he is infected by a creature during a battle. Berg begins to undergo transformation and there seems to be no cure for the infection.



    Berg presents himself as a strong advocate for the Fiif'no Serum and, along with Cullen, ventures out into downtown Harlem to cure Jinoo when they are reported. After an encounter with Miss Knightsdale, however, Berg finds himself injured and, not long after, begins transforming into an unknown creature. When Ma Etta asks about the creature that injured him, he remarks that he is unsure but if it was Jinoo, he has never seen one like this before.

    Eventually, it becomes clear that what infected him was not Jinoo. In another chance encounter with Miss Knightsdale and Doctor Sylvester, the Sangerye family realise that they are fighting something much bigger than they previously have.

    Slowly, Berg begins to become angrier and angrier, transforming into presumably the same creatures as Miss Knightsdale and Doctor Sylvester. Eventually, however, with the help of Enoch Sangerye Ma Etta is able to synthesise a cure for Berg's condition. An unknown side-effect, however, is that Berg becomes able to feel the presence of Doctor Sylvester within himself.[1]

    After Enoch aids him with his recovery, Berg seems better and returns to fighting Jinoo. He and the rest of the Sangerye family eventually find out that the infection gripping Berg — and much of Harlem — goes by the name Inzondo. Despite Berg's old self returning, as evidenced by his long, complex words, he eventually begins to slip back into the Inzondo's hold despite seeming better.

    Nonetheless, Berg and the other people in Harlem eventually learn to live with their Inzondo infection with the aid of Ma Etta and her roots. This is not enough to cure them, however, and they still remain infected.


    In a flash forward, it is revealed that in 1927, after years of fighting the Jinoo and Inzondo, Berg has a daughter with his girlfriend, Meriah. The daughter seems healthy and both Berg and Meriah are happy, but Berg still remains infected by the Inzondo.[2]


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