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    Bitter Root is a horror, crime and mystery comic series published by Image Comics. The series is set within the 1920s Harlem Renaissance and follows the adventures of the monster hunting Sangerye family.

    There are currently three volumes of the comic series comprising a total of fifteen issues primarily written by David Walker, Sanford Greene, and Chuck Brown.


    In the 1920s, the Harlem Renaissance is in full swing, and only the Sangerye Family can save New York-and the world-from the supernatural forces threatening to destroy humanity. But the once-great family of monster hunters has been torn apart by tragedies and conflicting moral codes. The Sangerye Family must heal the wounds of the past and move beyond their differences… or sit back and watch a force of unimaginable evil ravage the human race.[1]


    Main characters[edit]

    Recurring characters[edit]