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    A talented woman with impeccable fighting skills, Belinda "Bling" Sangerye is the main protagonist of Bitter Root.

    Despite Blink's talented fighting skills, she often comes at an impasse with Ma Etta, who believes she is better suited to mixing potions in the kitchen and healing injured warriors.


    Clashes with Ma Etta[edit]

    Despite her position as a Sangerye, Blink often clashes with her grandmother — and the matriarch of the Sagerye family — Ma Etta, who believes that her position should be in the kitchen with the roots. At numerous times within the Sangerye families fight agains the Jinoo, Blink takes advantage of her fighting skill and aids Berg and Cullen whenever they need assistance with the Jinoo, even if this goes against Ma Etta's wishes and orders.

    Nonetheless, Blink also showed herself to be apt with roots and herbs and often aided Ma Etta with the creation of Fiif'no Serum, which she would on occasion administer to Jinoo herself.

    Berg's condition[edit]

    When Berg is infected and begins transforming into a monster after an encounter with Miss Knightsdale in which he is injured, Blink aids Ma Etta in her search for a cure. This is futile, however, and Ma Etta eventually tells Blink that their roots will not help them. Cullen suggests that they ask for assistance from their uncle Enoch, but Blink is against the idea and reminds Cullen of his involvement with their parents death during the Red Summer.

    Eventually, Blink is outvoted and Cullen seeks the assistance of Enoch much to Blink's dismay. Nonetheless, Blink cooperates as Enoch aids the Sangerye's in their search for a cure.

    Becoming the Sangerye leader[edit]

    Eventually, Blink grows tired of Ma Etta's constant discussions about her position in the kitchen. As a result, she begins to hunt Jinoo with her friend, Wylie. She finds this soothing, but manages to keep it from Ma Etta for a long time. Eventually, however, Ma Etta finds out, but is unable to do much given the Inzondo outbreak that they are dealing with.

    After months of dealing with the Inzondo and getting nowhere, the Sangerye family team up with Doctor Sylvester. He is able to drag Adro back to Barzakh and this is enough to keep the Inzondo at bay for a brief while. Eventually, however, a new threat emerges and the Sangerye family are forced to deal with devilish trees that are trying to kill them.

    Given her age, Ma Etta quickly realises that she is no longer the warrior that she once was; it is time for her to hand the reigns to someone else. Ma Etta makes Blink the head of the Sangerye family and tells her that it is her decision to navigate the treacherous waters of Jinoo and Inzondo.

    Involvement with Enoch[edit]

    Blink's time as the head of the Sangerye family is tough, not least made worse at the death of her uncle Enoch, who she had been working with to figure out a way to suppress or even cure the Inzondo. Things are made worse when it is revealed that the Fiif'no Serum no longer cures Jinoo but temporarily heals them.

    Blink struggles with her position as head of the family and this is made worse when she fails to unite the numerous monster-fighting families. After a brief visit at Enoch's grave, Blink tells him that she feels as though she has failed the family and everything is lost. She is interrupted in her dejection by none other than Doctor Sylvester, however, who has returned from Barzakh with answers.

    Alongside Doctor Sylvester and the other monster fighting families, all of whom come together following Doctor Sylvester's return, Blink is able to lead her family to salvation and it seems as though the tide on the Inzondo and Jinoo has finally turned.


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