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    With a penchant for dark magic, Enoch Sangerye is the oldest of the surviving Sangerye brothers and the son of Ma Etta; many attribute Enoch's dabbling in the dark arts as the cause of his siblings deaths.


    Early History[edit]

    Little is known about Enoch and his early history other than his involvement with the Red Summer. At some point during the Red Summer, Enoch played a large part in the supposed deaths of Charlie and Nora Sangerye. Unbeknownst to him and the rest of the Sangerye family, however, both were trapped within Barzakh and not dead as thought.

    Helping Berg[edit]

    Enoch is approached again for the first time after being exiled from the Sangerye family after Berg becomes infected with by the Inzondo. Cullen asks for Enoch's help despite Blink's reluctance and he agrees to help. It is revealed that since the disappearance (and presumed death) of Nora and Charlie, Enoch discovered the existence of Gateways and was able to bring forth creatures known as the Kantoo to Earth.

    Enoch is able to somewhat remedy Blink's infection to a point where he is able to get on with daily life. Enoch explains that he has never seen such a thing, however, and therefore has no idea how to stop the infection taking hold.

    Research on the Jinoo and Inzondo[edit]

    After providing a temporary cure for the Inzondo infection, Enoch is somewhat welcomed back into the Sangerye family. Here, he begins to grow closer to Blink and the two begin researching methods to combat the Jinoo and Inzondo. This is a slow process, however, and many months pass.

    Eventually, Enoch believes himself to have found something that could help them in their fight against the evils of Barzakh. Enoch tries to hurry from his house to the Sangerye Establishment to deliver the news but finds himself attacked on the way by an Inzondo. Unfortunately, he is killed in the process and the research is lost forever.[1]