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Issue 2 is the second issue of Bitter Root and was published November, 2018. The second issue is included in the first collected edition, Bitter Root: Family Business.

Plot Summary[edit]

In Southern Mississippi, Ford holds a gun to the head of one of the gang members, having murdered the other members and saved the man they were about to hang. Moments later, however, the gang members are resurrected as Jinoo, and Ford is forced to shoot them once more to permanently kill them.

Meanwhile, in St Nicholas Park, Berg has been knocked down by a large, mysterious raven-like creature who can talk. Cullen is surprised when the raven addresses him and Berg as "Sangerye", and is confused how the creature could know them. Nonetheless, Cullen tries to protect Berg and a human girl in the forest. The raven becomes increasingly annoyed when it is shot at by a police man it has knocked down, and this forces Cullen to attack it. Cullen is forced to retreat when Berg remarks that it is too strong. Cullen makes a passing comment about the raven being the strongest Jinoo he has ever seen but is surprised when the creature corrects him, citing that it is not a Jinoo, but has come to collect the bodies of the Jinoo's that have been cured by the Sangerye root. Cullen aids Berg to his feet and the two return back to Ma Etta and Blink.

Back in Southern Mississippi, Jonnie-Ray Knox, the last remaining member of the gang, is furious at Ford for murdering his friends. Ford remarks that he ought to take care of Jonnie-Ray too, given he was friends with the other members, but Jonnie-Ray quickly asserts that he didn't really know the others and they weren't friends — for this, Ford spares him.

At San Juan Hill, Doctor Sylvester is working on a potion when the raven arrives. Doctor Sylvester seems to know the raven, and it is quickly revealed that the raven is in fact, Miss Knightsdale, his lab partner. Doctor Sylvester and Miss Knightsdale talk about the Sangerye's and their Fiif'no Root serum, and Doctor Sylvester remarks that it is the strongest of any purifier. In this moment, Doctor Sylvester transforms into something otherworldly, and remarks that they need to get their hands on the serum if they are going to control what they are becoming.

Ford eats dinner with the family of the man he saved, having returned him to his grandparents. Remarkably, the grandparents are aware of the Sangerye family and the grandad remarks that he knew Ford's dad and his grandfather. He does, however, become confused when Ford remarks that he no longer believes in purifying Jinoo and, instead, "purifies".

Ford is surprised when he leaves the man's house to find Jonnie-Ray waiting for him outside. Ford initially rebukes Jonnie-Ray and tells him to leave but, after Jonnie-Ray tells him that he knows of the whereabouts of more Jinoo, Ford allows him to tag along.

Cullen and Blink arrive home in the midst of panic, shouting for Ma Etta and Blink's help. It quickly becomes clear that something is happening to Berg since his interaction with Miss Knightsdale. Cullen and Blink begin arguing about whether or not it was a Jinoo that attacked Berg, but Ma Etta quickly squishes the debate and cites that it wasn't a Jinoo as Berg has become infected with something.


Sangerye Family[edit]

Recurring Characters[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

  • Unnamed Man
  • Unnamed Grandmother
  • Unnamed Grandfather
  • Numerous gang members


  • It is revealed that Doctor Sylvester and Miss Knightsdale are something other than human and can transform into otherworldly creatures.