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    Initially introduced as the member of a violent gang, Jonnie-Ray Knox quickly becomes interested in the lore surrounding the Jinoo, and eventually becomes an acquaintance and accomplice of Ford Sangerye.

    Alongside Ford, Jonnie-Ray helps find and defeat new Jinoo and, more importantly, Guardians.


    Meeting Ford[edit]

    Jonnie-Ray is initially introduced as a member of a violent gang. He and the other members of the gang are attempting to hang a black man on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young woman. Despite pleas that the man did not do it, Jonnie and the gang are determined to see him suffer.

    Moments before the man is about to be hanged, Ford Sangerye interrupts and shoots all of the gang members except Jonnie-Ray, who begs that he is not a part of the gang and doesn't know any of the other gang members. Ford doesn't kill Jonnie, but warns him that he will kill him if the two ever cross paths again.

    Despite the stern warning from Ford, Jonnie-Ray follows him to the house of the man the gang was about to murder, and waits outside for him. When the two interact again, Ford initially dismisses Jonnie-Ray, but Jonnie tells him that he might have intel that could lead them to the location of another Jinoo.

    Ford and Jonnie attend the location in which they believe a Jinoo to be hiding, but find that there is something much more drastic and dangerous in the house. Upon close examination, Ford believes this to be a Guardian, and explains that he believed they were a myth — he is shocked to find out that they are real.