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    A talented scientist, Miss Knightsdale is the trusted and loyal companion and lab partner of Doctor Sylvester. Despite appearing relatively normal, Miss Knightsdale has a mysterious secret — she has the ability to transform herself into a raven-like creature.


    History in Tulsa[edit]

    Miss Knightsdale first meets Doctor Sylvester in Tulsa during the Red Summer. The first encounter between the two is hostile given Miss Knightsdale is suffering with intermittent switching between herself and a large raven-like creature due to an Inzondo infection. Nonetheless, Doctor Sylvester is surprised when Miss Knightsdale transforms back into herself and it is revealed that she is a nurse.

    Shortly after, Miss Knightsdale accompanies Doctor Sylvester back to his lab in Harlem. The two continue to work on a possible cure for the Inzondo infection in order to keep Miss Knightsdale healthy.

    Working with Dr. Sylvester[edit]

    Miss Knightsdale is initially presented as Doctor Sylvester's accomplice and lab partner. Slowly, however, it is revealed that she and Doctor Sylvester are both suffering from the same illness that is transforming them into monsters. Miss Knightsdale had the ability to transform into a raven-like creature. Miss Knightsdale and Doctor Sylvester work to find a cure for their affliction through synthesising the Fiif'no Serum but find that this is futile.

    Eventually, Miss Knightsdale comes face-to-face with Cullen and Blink Sangerye and the three battle. Miss Knightsdale is able to wound Berg before taking off back to the lab, and not long later Blink begins a transformation that none of the Sangerye family understand.


    After Doctor Sylvester convinces her that they are not the problem, but the solution to the Jinoo and Sangerye problem, the two of them begin opening Gateways and attacking the residents of Harlem. Miss Knightsdale is wounded by Ford Sangerye in a battle and Doctor Sylveser takes her back to the lab in a hurry. It is in the lab in which Miss Knightsdale takes her final breathes and passes away in Doctor Sylvester's arms.


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