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    The wife of Nelson, one of the Sangerye brothers, Nora Sangerye finds herself trapped alongside Cullen in the realm of Barzakh.


    Early History[edit]

    Little is known about the early history of Nora other than the events leading up to her incarceration in Barzakh. During the Red Summer, Nora is accidentally pulled through a Gateway with Charlie and finds herself in Barzakh. She is believed to be dead by all of those who love her.

    Unbeknownst to everyone back in Harlem, Nora and Charlie are alive and begin to defend Earth from evils that wish to cross over from Barzakh.

    Cullen's arrival[edit]

    Nora is shocked and surprised when she is reunited with Cullen after he is pulled through a gateway and ends up in Barzakh. She tells him that they must work to protect Earth, but Cullen is not interested in staying in Barzakh and tells Nora that he is going to find a way home.

    Despite her repeated pleads with Cullen that they must remain behind in Barzakh to protect Earth, Cullen eventually finds a way to return home. Nora accompanies him, and it is bitter sweet when she reunites with her children and Ma Etta.

    Joining the Fight[edit]

    Eventually, Nora becomes accustomed to being back in Harlem and, after a brief period of being watched by Ma Etta, joins in with the fight against the Jinoo and Inzondo. At times, she inspires Blink in her role as head of the Sangerye family and tells her that everything will be okay.